Barry Farber has written 11 sales, management and inspirational books that have sold over a million copies in over 25 different languages. Please browse the following selection of books available and use our online form to request the purchase of an item.

State of the Art Selling by Barry Farber – (6 compact discs) A full-service sales program that, whether you’re a veteran or a novice, will show you how to become a state-of-the-art sales tactician. Hundreds of successful companies are incorporating Barry Farber’s sales and marketing methods in their strategic plans.

Success Secrets of Sales Superstars (Hardcover)
The Moves and Mayhem Behind Selling Your Way to the Top as Told by 34 Industry Leaders
12 Clichés of Selling and Why They Work
Sell Better. Sell Smarter.
Diamond Power
Gems of Wisdom from America’s Greatest Marketer.
Superstar  Sales Manager's Secrets
Revised Superstar Sales Manager’s Secrets
How to Recruit, Train, Motivate, and Retain Sales People
Revised Superstar Sales Secrets
Sales Skills (gaining access, qualifying, closing, and more)
Dive Right In
101 Powerful Action Steps for Personal Achievement
Diamonds Under Pressure
Strategies for Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
Diamond  in the Rough
Revised Edition:
“Diamond Power”
Sales Secrets from your Customers
Successful Sales Strategies from Hundreds of Customers
State-of-the-Art Selling
The Art of Building Successful Relationships
Diamond in the Rough – Audio
Guide to Managing Sales Objections

by Barry Farber
Children’s book “The Adventures of Little Billy… IN SEARCH OF THE MAGIC TREE” – $14.99 ea. plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Now parents can teach their children about the value of service, courage, determination and other life lessons without preaching it to them. Little Billy and his animal friends convey these messages in an entertaining and fun way throughout the adventure.