State-of-the-Art Selling
December 21, 2015
Guide to Handling Sales Objections
December 21, 2015
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State of the Art Selling

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(Nightingale-Conant 6 CD program)

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(6 compact discs) A full-service sales program that, whether you’re a veteran or a novice, will show you how to become a state-of-the-art sales tactician. Hundreds of successful companies are incorporating Barry Farber’s sales and marketing methods in their strategic plans.

Included on each CD:

Personal Strategies
Side 1 – Two Exceptional Qualities of Star Salespeople
Side 2 – How To Become a Master Networker
Side 3 – The 5% Difference
Side 4 – Managing Early Success in Sales

Relationship Strategies
Side 5 – Three Keys to Building Long-Term Sales Relationships
Side 6 – Listen, Listen, Listen

Product Strategies
Side 7 – Delivering State-of-the-Art Customer Service
Side 8 – Developing Superior Product and Industry Knowledge

Solution Strategies
Side 9 – Selling Beyond the Nine-Dots
Side 10 – Building Sales Leverage

The Ultimate Strategy
Side 11 – The Myth of the Overnight Sales Success
Side 12 – Developing a Passion for the Sales Profession

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